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We learned in Disney/Pixar's Monster's Inc., that children's screams could be converted into electricity, which was used to power a town inhabited by monsters. During the film, the monsters discovered that children's laughter was an even better source of energy. In this attraction, the monsters have set up a comedy club to capture as many laughs as possible. Mike Wazowski, the one-eyed character from the film, emcees the club's three comedy acts. Each consists of an animated monster (most not seen in the film) trying out various bad puns, knock-knock jokes, and Abbott-and Costello-like routines. Using the same cutting-edge technology as Epcot's popular Turtle Talk with Crush, behind-the-scenes Disney employees voice the characters, and often interact with audience members during the skits. As with any comedy club, some performers are funny and some are not. A good thing about this attraction is that Disney has shown a willingness to try new routines and jokes.

A Sioux Falls, South Dakota, mom is a big fan:

The Laugh Floor was great. It's amazing how the onscreen characters interact with the audience - I got picked on twice without trying. This should definitely be seen; plus, kids are able to text jokes to Roz.

Touring Tips

The theater holds several hundred people, so there's no need to rush here first thing in the morning. Try to arrive late in the morning after you've visited other Tomorrowland attractions, or after the afternoon parade when guests start leaving the park. Laugh Floor is never a good choice for FastPass+.

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This chart shows you roughly how long you'll wait for Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor when you visit on a day with a given Magic Kingdom Crowd Level. The blue bars represent the average "peak" wait time (that is, how long the line will at its busiest). The bottom and top black lines represent the range of peak wait times to expect (for you fellow nerds out there: it's the 5th percentile and 95th percentile of peak wait times). Please note that these are estimates, and for a better forecast for your travel dates, see Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Wait Times.

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Audience members may be asked to participate in skits.

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