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In 2012 the Studios introduced the Disney-like Universal's Superstar Parade, featuring dancers and performers, four large and elaborate floats inspired by cartoons and animated features, and a very mixed bag of street-prowling Universal characters. The featured franchises are Dora the Explorer (with acrobatic monkeys swinging from her float), SpongeBob SquarePants (accompanied by a phalanx of roller-blading fish), E.B. and the Pink Beret bunnies from HOP (a forgettable CGI Easter fable), and Gru's whole Despicable Me crew, from his adopted daughters to the adorable yellow Minions. The parade is not very long, but it stops twice – once in New York near Revenge of the Mummy, and again in Hollywood in front of Terminator 2: 3-D – for a highly choreographed ensemble number. Though impressive in its scope and coordination, the performance is well-nigh impossible to take in from any given viewing spot.

The parade, which is marked in the park map, begins at the “Esoteric Pictures” gate in Hollywood between the Horror Makeup Show and Cafe La Bamba. It turns right, then immediately makes a hard right around Mel's Drive-In, and follows the waterfront past Transformers towards San Francisco. From there it turns left at Louie's Pizza, and proceeds along 5th Avenue, past Revenge of the Mummy. At the end of 5th Avenue, the parade takes a left onto 57th Avenue/Plaza of the Stars and heads toward the front of the park, where it makes another left onto Hollywood Boulevard, from whence it disappears backstage through the gate where it entered.

The same floats used in the parade are trotted out individually to the Character Party Zone (located in Hollywood at the corner near Mel's Drive-In) at scheduled times in late morning and early afternoon for mini-shows and character meet-and-greets. These are a much better opportunity than the parade itself for your kids to get up close and personal with their favorite character.

Touring Tips

The best viewing spots are along 5th Avenue, on the front steps of faux buildings in New York. The reserved viewing area for Character Breakfast ticket holders is found here in front of the Macy's facade, along with the wheelchair viewing area. If you miss part of the parade in the New York area, you can scoot along the waterfront to Mel’s Diner and catch it as it comes down Hollywood Boulevard. If after watching the parade on the New York streets you plan to leave the park, you can use the same route to access Hollywood Boulevard and the park exit before the parade arrives.

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