Description And Comments

The natural-habitat zoological exhibits in The Oasis are representative of those throughout the park. Although extraordinarily lush and beautiful, the exhibits are primarily designed for the comfort and well-being of the animals.

A sign will identify the animal(s) in each exhibit, but there's no guarantee the animals will be immediately visible. Because most habitats are large and provide ample terrain for the occupants to hide, you must linger and concentrate, looking for small movements in the vegetation. When you do spot the animal, you may only make out a shadowy figure, or perhaps only a leg or a tail will be visible. In any event, don't expect the animals to stand out like a lump of coal in the snow. Animal-watching Disney-style requires a sharp eye and a bit of effort.

Touring Tips

These animal exhibits are seldom crowded, and you will often see more cast members showing animals in the morning when guests enter the park. If you visit headliner attractions during this time, plan to spend some time exploring the Oasis on your way out of the park. The Oasis usually closes 30–60 minutes after the rest of the park.

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