This attraction's final day of operation was January 5, 2008.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

This street festivity is DCA's main event in the Disneyland 50th-anniversary celebration. The Bash consists of highly orchestrated "spontaneous" street parties that erupt around the park. Each party includes music (some live), dancing, and novel street entertainment. Featuring 26 characters from the Disney/Pixar films Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., a bug's life, and The Incredibles, the Block Party Bash is three parts interactive show and one part parade. Usually starting at Paradise Pier with the improbable gang of green army men, giant marching orange highway cones, alphabet blocks (the "block" party part), 60 dancers, 16 acrobats, 12 pairs of "jumping" stilts, three large floats, and the Pixar characters, the Bash stops for three 11-minute shows along its route. Each time it cranks up, pretty much everyone within 50 yards is sucked into the merriment (when's the last time you danced with a highway cone?). Of the three performance stops, Golden State, across from Paradise Pier, and Sunshine Plaza, near the park's entrance, offer the best viewing and most elbowroom. The third stop is at the entrance to a bug's land.

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