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Also known as "streetmosphere," the Citizens of Hollywood are a collection of actors who portray fictional characters from Hollywood in the early twentieth century. They are supposed to entertain and make the Hollywood atmosphere more amusing--if not authentic. You'll find directors, aspiring actors, a police officer, and more. Groups of one or more of the Citizens emerge at unpublished times to host skits that typically involve audience members. If you ever see a group of people gathered around someone on Hollywood or Sunset Boulevards, odds are that they are watching a performance.

Touring Tips

The Citizens perform along both Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. If you see an act that looks entertaining, stop and watch. No two performances are exactly the same, and you do not know when you might see that particular act again.

You will find a good number of the Citizens of Hollywood providing entertainment to guests waiting for the afternoon parade on Hollywood Boulevard. Your choice of acts will be the greatest if you look at that time. If you would like to see a particular act or character, you can ask for performance times at Guest Services.

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