This 10-acre themed area is based on Dr. Seuss's famous children's books. Buildings and attractions replicate a whimsical, brightly colored cartoon style with exaggerated features and rounded lines. The oddly-shaped facades were carved from styrofoam before being sprayed with concrete, and the impossibly bent palm trees were salvaged from Hurricane Andrew, resulting in a land without a single straight line or right angle.

Seuss Landing has four rides, the Oh, the Stories You'll Hear live musical show, and an interactive play area, If I Ran the Zoo, populated by Seuss creatures.

Look for a photo op with top-hatted dignitaries outside the Mulberry Street Store; the one with the beard and glasses is Dr. Theodor “Seuss” Geisel himself.


Disney Dish with Jim Hill


Someone in Universal Creative thought it would be neat to put a Green Eggs and Ham Cafe in Seuss Landing, serving the actual foodstuffs enshrined in the 1960 book. Well, as it turns out, Sam I Am, nobody likes greens eggs and ham - even if the eggs are only tinted with food coloring. IOA janitors attest to finding trashcans near the eatery overflowing with green-egg-and-ham sandwiches that guests took one bite of and tossed.