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    Canadian Lumberjacks

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This attraction's final day of operation was November 24, 2015.
The information below is provided for historical reference.
This attraction is currently closed!
It is scheduled to re-open in Unknown.

Description And Comments

Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show, a family entertainment company based in Florida, developed this show that takes place on the Mill Stage between the Canadian and United Kingdom Pavilions in Epcot.

The show is a lumberjack competition that involves heavy use of myriad noisy and sharp objects. The show debuted in October, 2014, to poor reviews. Our observations:

  • Axe throwing should not start off the show. It takes too long and there isn't enough action. There's a reason why darts hasn't caught on as a spectator sport. Start off with chopping something. If you're going to keep the axe throwing, maybe do it side-by-side, so it goes faster.

  • The dialog is stilted, especially during the cross-cutting competition. Was probably just nerves, but the emcee's delivery needs to get better.

  • Also, the angle of the cross-cutting log needs to be adjusted so that the audience's view isn't blocked by the guy that's got his back to the crowd.

  • Same thing with the chopping competition. When the guys have to switch sides, they block the audience's view of the action. I think I'd open the show with this segment, though, and see if I could move it a little closer to the audience.

  • In the chainsaw competition, the safety screens reflect the sunlight, making it difficult to see exactly what's happening. Also, you can't see the "top of the wood" joke that Lyle's doing, because of the screen.

  • The tree conservation message sounds like pandering. Yeah, you might plant 3 trees for every one you use, but it takes 50 years for those 3 trees to grow, and like 8 seconds to cut one up. If you're going to have this message, either do it before or after the show.

  • It's obvious that the emcee isn't Canadian. His reference to "the northern province" would be like an American referring to "the state of New England." That can't happen in Epcot, because it ruins the illusion that you're in Canada. Practice may help here.​

There seems to be a lot more standing around and talking than I expected, too. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes out of a 15-minute show. That seems like a lot.

I think this show was probably developed for, you know, regional fairs and exhibits, where the performers are on ground level and surrounded by the crowd. Having them up on a stage takes away a lot of the viewing angles.

Touring Tips

The show is expendable on every touring plan.

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