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Naturally, a replica of the Eiffel Tower (a big one) is this pavilion's centerpiece. In the foreground, streets recall la belle epoque, France's "beautiful time" between 1870 and 1910. The sidewalk cafe and restaurant are very popular, as is the pastry shop. You won't be the first visitor to buy a croissant to tide you over until your next real meal. And this probably explains why readers rank the France Pavilion as the best in World Showcase.

A group from Chicago found the pavilion's realism exceeds what was intended:

There were no public rest rooms in the France part of Epcot-just like Paris. We had to go to Morocco to find facilities.
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Les Chefs de France has always done great dinner business. But this casual brasserie had trouble luring in the lunchtime crowd - at least until The Living Character Initiative version of Remy the Rat came along, entertaining guests at their tables. With the Ratatouille star's dining debut in the spring of 2009, demand for the afternoon reservations became so strong that this France Pavilion eatery was actually turning guests away.

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