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Although they are not great time-savers, Epcot's Friendship Boats transport guests across the World Showcase Lagoon. There are two routes:

For nearly all guests, taking the boat is far slower than walking. However, guests on the Friendship Boats get to sit in air conditioning. Take the Friendship Boats if you need a break or a different perspective on World Showcase.

Note that different Friendship Boats take guests from a dock outside Epcot's International Gateway to and from Disney's Epcot Area resorts and Hollywood Studios. It is usually faster to walk to the Epcot resorts, but you may save some time and effort if you take one of these boats to Hollywood Studios.

Touring Tips

The in-park Friendship Boats seldom fill to capacity , but you may need to wait for a boat to arrive, dock, and take on new passengers.

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Touring Plans with Friendship Boats

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