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The bustling market, winding streets, lofty minarets, and stuccoed archways re-create the romance and intrigue of Marrakesh and Casablanca. Attention to detail makes Morocco one of the most exciting World Showcase pavilions. It also has a museum of Moorish art and the Restaurant Marrakesh, which serves some unusual and difficult-to-find North African specialties. Spice Road Table serves up tasty tapas-style Mediterranean dishes and views of Illuminations

Another interesting item in Morocco is the water wheel in World Showcase Lagoon that provides irrigation to the flowerbeds opposite the pavilion. Unlike the "scoop and dump" mechanisms most people are familiar with, the water here is actually carried inside the wheel. Through a complex combination of baffles, chambers, and gravity, the water emerges at the highest point of the circle through a spout perpendicular to the wheel's motion. One can only imagine the number of late, espresso-filled nights it took to come up with this design.

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Morocco has neither a ride nor theater; tour anytime.

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