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The Norway pavilion is complex, beautiful, and architecturally diverse. Surrounding a courtyard is an assortment of traditional Scandinavian buildings, including a replica of the 14th-century Akershus Castle, a wooden stave church, red-tiled cottages, and replicas of historic buildings representing the traditional designs of Bergen, Alesund, and Oslo. The pavilion houses Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, a sit-down eatery that hosts princess character meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; breakfast here is one of the most popular character meals in the World. An open-air cafe and a bakery cater to those on the run. Shoppers can find northern European brands such as Helly Hansen clothing and footwear, and Laila By Geir Ness scents and skin care products.

Prior to 2016, the Norway pavilion was home to the Maelstrom ride, a Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-style boat tour through the country of Norway, which was following by an innocuous propaganda film for Norwegian tourism. Following the overwhelming success of the film Frozen, set in the mythical Scandinavian-ish country of Arendelle, Disney looked at the attendance numbers for Epcot and decided that an imaginary Northern country was close enough to Norway to qualify for inclusion in the pavilion. "Norway" now includes a Frozen-themed ride running on the repurposed Maelstrom track, along with lots (and lots and lots) of Frozen tie-in merchandise.

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