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    Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

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This attraction is NOT YET OPEN!
We expect that it will open in 2020?.

Description And Comments

Remy’s should be very similar to the original ride at Disneyland Paris, Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy. In that version, you’re shrunk to the size of a rat and whisked through Paris for a quick retelling of the Ratatouille film’s story. As one of Remy’s vermin pals, you watch him ascend from a rodent with a dream to become one of Paris’s most celebrated chefs.

The storytelling in the original combines 3-D films shown on room-size screens with large, detailed, ride-through sets that include water and heat effects. A couple of frenetic scenes, such as one in which Remy is chased with a cleaver, may frighten small children. Plenty of video is available on YouTube for Disneyland Paris’s version, which may help prepare small children for what to expect. Still, the ride should be no problem for the vast majority of kids.

Touring Tips

Remy’s is the first all-new major attraction at Epcot in more than a decade and the first in World Showcase since 1988. It’s also familyfriendly, with good theming and a lead character who’s as lovable as any disease vector could ever hope to be. We expect lines to form as soon as the park opens.

Our well-educated guess is that Remy’s will offer both FastPass+ and a single-rider line, as it does at Disneyland Paris. We also anticipate that Remy will be in FastPass+ Tier A with Epcot’s other headliners: Soarin’, Test Track, and Frozen Ever After. If, however, our speculation turns out to be wrong and they’re not all in the same FastPass+ group, just grab as many as you can.

In any case, obtaining FastPasses for Remy’s will undoubtedly be very difficult. Should you be lucky enough to do so, try for a reservation during the first hour after park opening, midafternoon, or after dinner. A midafternoon reservation will work well with a counterclockwise tour of World Showcase; an evening reservation will suggest a clockwise tour. Reservations from midmorning to early afternoon will likely require you to walk from Future World to the far reaches of World Showcase and back.

If FastPasses aren’t available, your best bet for riding without long waits is to arrive at Epcot’s International Gateway entrance at least 45 minutes before the park opens. (If you’re driving, the easiest approach is to valet-park at one of the Epcot resorts—the Beach Club and BoardWalk Inn are the closest; valet parking currently costs $33 a day, plus tip.) That’ll give you a 10-minute head start on folks walking from the park’s front entrance.

As soon as the park opens, ride Ratatouille Adventure. If you have small children, head next to Frozen Ever After in Norway, a walk of about half a mile either way around World Showcase.

After Frozen, you’ll have completed two of the park’s four headliner rides, with Test Track and Soarin’ remaining. Test Track has a single-rider line but breaks down often, so your best FastPass+ choice is probably Soarin’ for any time before 2 p.m. As always, earlier is better.

Special Comments

Disney Dish with Jim Hill

hamming it up

When Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure makes its debut in 2020, get ready to see oversize props on a scale that you’ve never encountered before. One is a 20-foot-tall ham hanging inside the fridge at Gusteau’s. This prop—which weighs 1.2 tons—is so massive that the Reedy Creek Fire Department (which serves WDW) decided it needed its own automatic sprinkler system installed inside.

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