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    Disney California Adventure FASTPASS

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Touring with FASTPASS in California Adventure will make for a better experience.

Content below is meant to accompany our general advice on FASTPASS at the Disneyland Resort.

Specific notes about touring FASTPASS attractions in California Adventure follow:

  • Obtain FASTPASS tickets for Radiator Springs Racers immediately after park opening. There will be a long line to get FASTPASS tickets (folks will start lining up during Early Entry), and FASTPASS tickets are often gone for the day few hours after park opening.
  • FASTPASS tickets for Radiator Springs Racers are currently distributed near It's Tough to Be a Bug, which is not even in the same land as the attraction.
  • Obtain FASTPASS tickets for Soarin' Over California and Goofy's Sky School as early in the day as practical.
  • FASTPASS enables you to postpone a wet ride like Grizzly River Run to a warmer part of the day.
  • Toy Story Mania! is not a FASTPASS attraction in California Adventure. You must wait in the standby line to ride.
  • World of Color FASTPASS tickets are distributed in a unique fashion. Note that:
    • FASTPASS tickets for World of Color are distributed from the Grizzly River Run FASTPASS kiosks.
    • Only one World of Color FASTPASS per admission ticket will be issued each day.
    • When you arrive at the FASTPASS kiosks, you do not get to choose your show time and viewing area. Instead, FASTPASS tickets are distributed sequentially by show time and by viewing area. Only after the first show's tickets are exhausted will Disney issue FASTPASS tickets for the next show.
    • During busy times, Disney may ask that only one member of your party wait in the FASTPASS line. That member must have all your party's park tickets in order to obtain FASTPASS tickets for the group.
    • A Disney Cast Member is stationed at each kiosk. Hand your park tickets to the Cast Member, who will make sure that your party receives an appropriate number of FASTPASS tickets for the same show and viewing area.
    • On warm days with high crowds, Grizzly River Run is popular, and at least some of the FASTPASS kioks will be put to use distributing Grizzly River Run FASTPASS after the initial rush for World of Color FASTPASSes. Pay attention to all signs to make sure that you obtaining FASTPASSes for the attraction you want to experience.
    • Although with a FASTPASS you are guaranteed a spot in a specific viewing area, not all spots are created equal. Whatever your viewing area, arrive secure a decent vantage point for World of Color.
  • FASTPASS tickets for World of Color operate independently of the central FASTPASS system for California Adventure. For example, you may get a World of Color FASTPASS immediately after getting a Soarin' Around the World FASTPASS.
  • The FASTPASS tickets at Disneyland are distributed independently of the FASTPASS tickets at California Adventure. This means that you can ignore the "another FASTPASS will be available at" time on a Disneyland FASTPASS while at California Adventure, and vice versa.
  • California Screamin', Soarin' Over California, Goofy's Sky School, Grizzly River Run, and Radiator Springs Racers all have single rider lines. If you do not mind having each member of your party ride in a separate vehicle, this can save you time without using FASTPASS. If there are not good signs explaining how to ride as a single rider, as a Cast Member for assistance.