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The Main Street Electrical Parade (MSEP) is the current nightly cavalcade at the Magic Kingdom. Its soundtrack—Baroque Hoedown—is a synthesizer-heavy testament to what prog rock might have been with access to modern technology and antidepressants. In our opinion, the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime parade is always the best in Walt Disney World, and the Electrical Parade is the standard against which everything else is judged. Disney is known to swap out parades (MSEP replaced SpectroMagic in 2010), and may do so at any time. If you’re at Disney World while MSEP is running, make a special trip to see it.

Touring Tips

Magic Kingdom parades circle Town Square, head down Main Street, go around the Central Plaza, and cross the bridge to Liberty Square. In Liberty Square, they follow the waterfront and end in Frontierland. Sometimes they begin in Frontierland and run the route in the opposite direction. Most guests watch from the Central Plaza or from Main Street. One of the best and most popular vantage points is the upper platform of the Walt Disney World Railroad station at the Town Square end of Main Street. This is also a good place for watching the Wishes fireworks show, as well as for ducking out of the park ahead of the crowd when the fireworks end. The problem is, you have to stake out your position 30–45 minutes before the events begin.

Because most spectators pack Main Street and the Central Plaza, we recommend watching the parade from Liberty Square or Frontierland. Great vantage points frequently overlooked are as follows:

  1. Sleepy Hollow snack-and-beverage shop, immediately to your right as you cross the bridge into Liberty Square. If you arrive early, buy refreshments and claim a table closest to the rail. You’ll have a perfect view of the parade as it crosses Liberty Square Bridge, but only when the parade begins on Main Street.
  2. The pathway on the Liberty Square side of the moat from Sleepy Hollow snackand- beverage shop to Cinderella Castle. Any point along this path offers a clear and unobstructed view as the parade crosses Liberty Square Bridge. Once again, this spot works only for parades coming from Main Street.
  3. The covered walkway between Liberty Tree Tavern and The Diamond Horseshoe Saloon. This elevated vantage point is perfect (particularly on rainy days) and usually goes unnoticed until just before the parade starts.
  4. Elevated wooden platforms in front of the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade, Frontier Trading Post, and the building with the sign reading frontier mercantile. These spots usually get picked off 10– 12 minutes before parade time.
  5. Benches on the perimeter of the Central Plaza, between the entrances to Liberty Square and Adventureland. Usually unoccupied until after the parade begins, they offer a comfortable resting place and unobstructed (though somewhat distant) view of the parade as it crosses Liberty Square Bridge. What you lose in proximity, you gain in comfort.
  6. Liberty Square and Frontierland dockside areas; spots here usually go early.
  7. The elevated porch of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant on Main Street provides an elevated viewing platform and an easy path to the park exit when the fireworks are over.

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