Listing the length of each attraction at EPCOT, in minutes:

EPCOT Attraction Durations
Attraction Duration
EP Waypoint 1: Between entrance fountain and SSE 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 10: Outside Sunshine Seasons 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 11: Cool Wash 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 12: Near Future World East Mouse Gear Exit 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 13: near Odyssey 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 14: Where Walkways intersect outside Mexico 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 15: Outside Living with the Land 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 16: Outside Soarin' 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 17: Outside the Land Pavilion 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 18: Inside Mexico Pyramid 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 19: Middle of Seas Pavilion 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 2: Main Tip Board 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 20: Middle of France Pavilion 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 21: Top of International Gateway ramp 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 3: In front of Fountain of Nations 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 4: Center of EP Logo behind FoN 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 5: Middle of Future World East 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 6: Near A/C Hallway that leads to Club Cool 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 7: Middle of Future World West 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 8: Intersection of Future World West Walkways 0 minutes
EP Waypoint 9: Near bathrooms just outside Canada 0 minutes
International Gateway 0 minutes
Main Entrance 0 minutes
The Land Pavilion 1 minutes
Imagination Pavilion 2 minutes
Test Track Pavilion 2 minutes
Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus (Temporarily Closed - Reopens in the future) 4 minutes
The Seas with Nemo & Friends 4 minutes
Test Track 4 minutes
Character Greetings Around Epcot 5 minutes
Club Cool 5 minutes
Festival of the Holidays: Santa and Mrs. Claus Greeting 5 minutes
Frozen Ever After 5 minutes
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (Opens 2022?) 5 minutes
Outpost 5 minutes
Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (Opens October 1, 2021) 5 minutes
Stave Church Gallery 5 minutes
Journey Into Imagination With Figment 6 minutes
Chinese Lion Dancers 7 minutes
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros 7 minutes
Project Tomorrow 8 minutes
Soarin' Around the World 8 minutes
Test Track Single Rider Line 8 minutes
American Adventure Pavilion 10 minutes
American Heritage Gallery 10 minutes
Bijutsu-kan Gallery 10 minutes
Canada Pavilion 10 minutes
China Pavilion 10 minutes
France Pavilion 10 minutes
Friendship Boats 10 minutes
Germany Pavilion 10 minutes
House of the Whispering Willows 10 minutes
Italy Pavilion 10 minutes
JAMMitors 10 minutes
Japan Pavilion 10 minutes
Mexico Pavilion 10 minutes
Morocco Pavilion 10 minutes
Norway Pavilion 10 minutes
United Kingdom Pavilion 10 minutes
Voices of Liberty 13 minutes
Epcot Forever 14 minutes
Living with the Land 14 minutes
Reflections of China 14 minutes
Awesome Planet 15 minutes
Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along 15 minutes
Le Befana in Italy 15 minutes
Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 (Temporarily Closed - Reopens in Late 2021) 15 minutes
Canadian Holiday Voyageurs 15 minutes
Daruma Storyteller in Japan 15 minutes
Father Christmas in United Kingdom 15 minutes
Hanukkah Storyteller 15 minutes
High Pockets 15 minutes
Hometown Jamboree 15 minutes
ImageWorks 15 minutes
Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana (Opens 2021) 15 minutes
Las Posadas Celebration in Mexico 15 minutes
Marimba de las Américas 15 minutes
A Mischievous, Magical Barn Santa in Norway 15 minutes
Mission: SPACE Green 15 minutes
Mission: SPACE Orange 15 minutes
Misson: SPACE Advanced Training Lab 15 minutes
Père Noël in France 15 minutes
The Seas Main Tank and Exhibits 15 minutes
Walt Disney Imagineering presents the EPCOT Experience 15 minutes
Wondrous China (Opens 2021(?)) 15 minutes
Spaceship Earth 16 minutes
Turtle Talk with Crush 17 minutes
Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival 18 minutes
Impressions de France 18 minutes
Art Defying Gravity 20 minutes
Disney Performing Arts Showcase 20 minutes
Epcot Living Statues 20 minutes
EPCOT Pianist (Temporarily Closed - Reopens in the future) 20 minutes
Harmonious (Opens September 29, 2021) 20 minutes
Honobono Minwa 20 minutes
New Year's Countdown Fireworks 20 minutes
Nova Jazz 20 minutes
Sahara Beat 20 minutes
Serveur Amusant (Temporarily Closed - Reopens in the future) 20 minutes
The Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Live! (Temporarily Closed - Reopens in Unknown) 22 minutes
Joyful! A Celebration of the Season (Temporarily Closed - Reopens on November 26, 2021) 25 minutes
Mariachi Cobre 25 minutes
Music of Mexico 25 minutes
Oktoberfest Musikanten 25 minutes
Restaurant Marrakesh Dancer & Band (Temporarily Closed - Reopens in Unknown) 25 minutes
Viva Mexico 25 minutes
The American Adventure 29 minutes
America Gardens Bandstand 30 minutes
America Gardens Theatre 30 minutes
Disney on Broadway Concert Series 30 minutes
Festival Presentations 30 minutes
Garden Rocks Concert Series 30 minutes
Eat to the Beat Concert Series 35 minutes
Candlelight Processional 40 minutes

Duration of Attractions at Other Parks